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Preteen Nude Toplist

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 21:15:53 +0000From: Justin Jordan Subject: Duckling 9I would like to thank all those who have written in appreciation of my firstefforts at story writing. I hope you enjoy this next episode and I will behappy to have any comments, good or bad. Just send them along tojustinjordan_4hotmail.comThe usual disclaimers apply. If you are under age or it is illegal for youto read this for any reason, please leave. Remember a night of sex withoutprotection can cost you your life. Always play safe and use a condom.Part 9 The time for the next "Gathering" has come round again. Four times ayear the members of the Order of Sade hold a Gathering. The order is a groupmen of like minds who are committed to the master/slave life style. Thenumber is limited to thirty and there is a waiting list for membership. Theaffairs of the order are over seen by a council of five; the Dominus (theeffective CEO) the Whip (vice), the Enforcer (treasurer), the Brander andthe Skinner. One councillor retires every year and a new one elected sothere is continuity in the affairs. Councillors can run for more than oneterm and I am in my fourth year as Dominus and considering whether I willrun again. You arrived a few days after the last Gathering. So you have notattended one. I feel you are ready now although you have only had threemonths' training and Preteen Nude Toplist I am obliged to attend anyway. All I tell you is todouble your afternoon exercise routine so you are well pumped and then toprepare yourself carefully paying particular attention to removing all bodyhair. I see the look of apprehension on your face but do nothing to relieveyour fears. I know you are always fearful of the unknown. You like theroutine life we have together and deviations from it cause you concern.After supper you present yourself and I carry out an very thoroughinspection. I have prepared several lengths of duct tape which I plaster toyour body and then rip off to test the completeness of your shave. I foldone length and tell you to bend over and spread your cheeks and I pat itinto place down your crack and cover your hole. I then rip it off and thiselicits a sharp yell from you. I know you have difficulty keeping this areacompletely hair free and I help you Preteen Nude Toplist in this way. You dutifully thank me formy ministrations although there are tears in your eyes. Back in present, Irub an ointment into your left upper chest. You look surprised and I can seeyou want to ask what it is for but know better than to question me. I makeyou dress in your soft leather shorts and your codpiece bulges over theCB3000. You look very fine in your black leather collar and fine youngmuscled chest, flat belly, strong smooth thighs and firm round mounds. Yourexercise programme is certainly paying off. I am proud of you but I knowbetter than to tell you. I get my ring from the drawer in the armoire andput it on my right middle finger. It has my cypher inscribed; a diagonalcross with a slave spread-eagled, encircled by two entwined whips. I attacha leash to your collar and lead you out to the garage. I open the back ofthe SUV and you crawl into the cage in the back. The vehicle is fitted withone way glass so there is no worry about anyone seeing you. It will be darksoon anyway. We set off and you have no idea whether it is just a kilometeror a hundred we have to go. As it happens it takes us nearly an hour and ahalf. We are now in cattle country and I pull up in front of a cattle gridat the entrance to a ordinary cattle ranch. The ranch is owned by themembers of the order and run by a manager. The herd is a bit larger thanusual because of the BSE crisis but no member relies on the ranch for anypart of his income. The only unusual feature is that the house sits half akilometer from the road so is completely isolated. The cattle grid seemsnormal. However there are two rows of forward facing spikes in the last twospaces. These would rip the tyres out of any unauthorized vehicle entering.I dial a number on my cell phone and the spikes lower and then return once Iam passed. I drive round the back of the house into the yard and there aretwenty or so cars already there. We may be the last to arrive as we have hadfurthest to travel. Standing on one side of the yard is a an old largeDutch barn. It looks as if it has seen better days but it is in fact wellcared for. We enter by a small Judas door in the main double doors and weare in a small well appointed, well lit, lobby. In the right wall there is asmall niche. The bottom half is closed with a grill. In the flat top of thegrill there is a semi circular indentation. I place my right wrist in thisand a grill descends from above. It has a similar indentation and my wristis trapped. A laser scans my ring and the upper grill retracts. Had it notbeen recognized, the grill would have remained and Preteen Nude Toplist some one would have cometo investigate who the intruder was. There are no written signatures takento maintain some degree of anonymity. There is a click as the electroniclock is released on the door facing us. We enter the main part of thebuilding and you look around in amazement. The Whip comes forward to greetme and he looks at you approvingly. You stand proud but keep your eyes down.There are about twenty masters and almost as many slaves present. I passthrough the crowd and stop and talk to many old friends. I keep you with meas I understand your uneasiness in these new surroundings. I will leave youon your own soon enough. You recognize three of the masters who were presentat your "coming out" but you give no sign of doing so. They tell me howmuch the had enjoyed that evening. The room is carpeted and well furnished.It is obvious, even at a glance, that it does not cover the whole area ofthe barn floor and the back wall has a draped entrance to the furtherreaches. In one corner there is an open spiral staircase leading to agallery that runs round the whole barn. Opening off the gallery are privaterooms. On checking in, a room is assigned to every master and his cypherappears in a slot on the door. As Dominus I always have the same room. Youdo not know where to look first. In the centre of the room there Preteen Nude Toplist are fiveupright cages and each contains a naked slave. Off to one side there are twodifferent cages; each about one metre square and again a slave in each. Yourlook shows that you are envious of them as the sit in these crampedquarters. You do not know the significance of their incarceration. To theleft of the entrance there is a small council chamber, sparsely furnished.It only contains a five foot by three foot oblong mahogany table with threechairs along the long side and one at either end. The centre chair sitsslightly higher on a small dais. I lead you over to the far side and thereyou see three pillars with hooks on then. Several slaves have their leashesattached to these. I explain to you the purpose of the pillars. Preteen Nude Toplist Slavesattached to a particular pillar are made available by their masters to servethe other masters. The first one is for strictly oral service, the secondfor oral and anal and the third for anything that please the master,including both sexual and sadistic pleasure. There are several slavesattached to each post. Next I decide to check out the slaves in the Preteen Nude Toplist uprightcages. On the outside of each is the provinance of the contents. Four of theslaves are attracting a great deal of attention. They are all suspended fromthe top with their legs spread and attached to the bars on the side of thecages so they are stretched and barely standing on tip toe. They all haveball Preteen Nude Toplist gags in their mouths. They are well displayed like this. They are allwell muscled and vary in body type. None has any body adornment and they arenatural; ie. not shaved. There is no master at the fifth cage and I stop toexamine the contents. The information attached to the cage says it is calledSean and is 18yrs old. This may well explain the lack of interest as most ofthe masters prefer more mature slaves. It has rich auburn hair and deepgreen eyes. Its complexion is fair with rosy cheeks that tells of a healthyout door existence. It has fetching freckles over its nose and cheeks. Itstill has the undeveloped body musculature of a teenager. Its cock isaverage size as are its balls. It has nicely shaped Preteen Nude Toplist hairless thighs. Theinformation says it is an anal virgin. I run my hands over its smoothbuttocks and let my finger penetrate into hits crack and follow it down tothe little preserved prize. I push against the opening to test its tone andthere is a good resistance. It probably is anal intact. I cup its balls inmy hand and gently fondle them, running them around in their sac. At firstit looks a bit apprehensive but that soon gives way to a look of pleasure asit became erect. It is soon leaking pre-cum. I start to squeeze and itsexpression turns from pleasure into concern and soon into wide eyed pain. Ifeel myself getting excited. I let go and hold my hand out to you so you canlick it clean of its pre-cum. I find it quite attractive and cannotunderstand the others disinterest. You are getting very nervous at myobvious attraction to it. It looks more like sixteen than eighteen and Iwonder if the information is correct. As I am considering this the Whipapproaches me and tells me the council is ready to start the business partof the meeting. I cannot take you with me so I lead you over to thePleasure Pillars. You see the direction in which we are moving and you getanxious. You lag back and I have to tug on your leash to keep you Preteen Nude Toplist moving.You wonder which pillar you are destined to decorate. I hook your leash tothe oral only pillar. I tell you to remove your shorts and wait until somemaster wants you to service him. The first item of business is quite easy.One of our members had moved to Vancouver and so had resigned and left avacancy. Two members acted as sponsors for a master to take his place. Theypresented him to the councillors and said that he understood the rules ofthe order and was prepared to re-imburse the retiring member for his shareof the ranch as well as pay his annual dues. The sponsors would stand asguarantors for his bona fides during his first year while he is onprobation. We welcome him into the brotherhood and tell him to see theEnforcer to pay his dues and arrange to have a ring with his personal cyphermade. He leaves to enjoy the rest of the evening. Next we review asubmission that has been sent to us before interviewing the petitioner. Itis a request to formally enslave a thirteen year old boy. The master hadfound him sleeping on the ground outside the cathedral in Buenos Aires andhad taken him to his hotel, cleaned him up, fed him and clothed him. Hebrought him home on his yacht and the boy is in the country illegally. Wemake our decision by concensus and call the master in. First he mustprovide proper documentation to the council that the boy has been acceptedas a landed immigrant within six months. We cannot risk any problems withthe authorities. Second, we cannot approve the full enslavement of athirteen year old boy. However we will make the boy a ward of the order andthe master can be his guardian. There must be no pain above first degreelimiting it to spanking, mild flogging, some cbt and tit play. Sexually hecan continue as he already has enjoyed the boy fully. He will present theboy to the council at the first gathering after his sixteenth birthday andthe matter will be considered again at that time. The wardship will besupervised by the Enforcer. I remind the master that there is no appeal andhe can accept or reject our decision. If the latter however, he will beexpelled from the order. He acquiesces and leaves. The third matter is alsoquickly dealt with. A master and slave enter. By mutual agreement of masterand slave, the slave is to be set free. It is the council's purview toguard the rights of the slave. We question the master about the arrangementsthat have been made to safeguard the welfare of the slave. A job has beenfound and a suitable endowment fund provided. Since both parties are inagreement, the council gives its approval and we wish the slave goodfortune. There are two more grievous matters to be decided. A master entersand he is followed by two slaves pushing one of the small cages. The masterstates his complaint. The slave in question has been disrespectful for sometime but recently struck the master and since then has been kept inconfinement. There really is nothing to decide. The punishment for strikinga master has been set by precedent and both master and slave know this. Allthat is left to do is to pronounce the sentence. The slave will have oneball removed. The second case was not as troublesome. The master has twoslaves and this one persists in fucking the other against his master'sorders. Whipping has not deterred him. The master requests twenty lasheswith the eight tailed cat. This seems reasonable to the councillors and soit is ordered. That terminates our business for the evening and we candisperse and relax and take our pleasure. I see you standing by the PleasurePillar where I left you. I have no way of knowing if you have been used orleft standing while I was away. Your face lights up as you see my approach.However it soon fades as I reach for a leash of a slave attached to the analpillar. I see a look of displeasure on your face and you know that I havenoticed it and you will be punished for it later. It is not for you to judgemy actions. It is very much to my liking. It is around twenty years old,5..8, 160lbs, blonde hair on its head but otherwise totally smooth. It has alithe swimmers build with broad chest and narrow waist, flaring out tonicely shaped hips and ass, long smooth legs. It feels honoured to be chosenby the Dominus. It will gain status among the other slaves. I lead it to thestaircase and to my room. The business has taken up a lot time. So I musttake my pleasure quickly. I allow it to undress me and then make it kneel toworship my cock and balls. It has a sweet warm mouth and caresses my cockand balls. He laps up my pre-cum with relish and uses gentle suction to getall of it. I am soon ready to mount it and I get it to kneel on the edge ofthe bed with its chest down and its ass up. It appears to have been usedalready this evening as there is lubricant around its puckered hole so I donot add more. I put a condom on and place my cock head at the entrance toits love canal. In one thrust I fully impale it and hold my cock there,enjoying the velvety warmth that surrounds it. I begin a slow fucking actionand delight in watching my cock slip in and out between those beautifulbuns. However I am mindful of the time pressure and I start to fuck itharder and it moans in appreciation. With a series of deep thrusts I feel myseed churning upwards and I pull it back hard on my cock as I balloon thecondom with my cum. After I withdraw from it, I remove the condom and makeit kneel before me. I upend the condom and let my seed flow into its mouth.It holds Preteen Nude Toplist it there until the condom is empty and then I allow it to swallow.I return it to the Pleasure Pillar. This time I do approach you and againrub Preteen Nude Toplist some ointment onto your upper left chest. I take your leash off the hookand lead you through the curtained doors in the back of the room. As youstood at the pillar, you heard the sounds of pain emanating from there. Youwonder what I have in store for you. Your eyes open wide as you see whatsurrounds you. The room is one huge dungeon. There are masters and slavesmaking use of the equipment. Some scenes are one on one. Others havemultiple players. Any master can be invited to join any scene. One inparticular Preteen Nude Toplist takes my interest. It is brought to my attention by aparticularly loud piercing scream. At first glance there does not seem to beanything to warrant this reaction. However on closer inspection it reallydoes intrigue me. The slave is lying on what appears to be an ordinary bareboard. It is not restrained at all and yet it stays there. As I watch itlets out another ear splitting scream and its head moves from side to sideand its arms and legs thrash around. Sweat is standing on its forehead.There is more to this than meets the eye. I look underneath the board. Theslaves cock and balls are hanging through a hole and his balls are encasedin a ball crusher. I have not seen one like this before. The master explainsits working to me and invites me to turn one of the butterfly Preteen Nude Toplist nuts a quarterturn. I do this and I am rewarded by another immediate reaction. The mastertells me that he has not perfected the system yet but, when he does, he willpatent it and give the rights to the order. He has to devise some way ofpreventing the slaves balls from being completely mushed. It is time forthe fun to stop and the work of the evening begun. All the slaves arereleased from their bondage and assembled. The slave who is Preteen Nude Toplist to receivetwenty lashes is brought forward and firmly bound facing a diagonal cross.It will not be gagged as the cries will reinforce the punishment in theminds of the other slaves. The Whip comes forward carrying the Cat. He takesa few experimental swings to loosen his arm and get the feel of it. There isa hush as he pulls back his arm and brings it forward. There is aninstantaneous cry from the slave coinciding with the impact of the eighttails on his bare back. It remembers in time to thank the Whip before thenext crushing blow lands. By the fifth there are signs of blood andbreakages in the skin. It is screaming with each lash and sweat is pouringfrom its brow. By ten it is no longer counting and is hanging limp andwhimpering between its screams. The Whip is not a cruel man and he moderateshis force. However the full twenty must be administered. After Preteen Nude Toplist twenty itsback is a mess of open wounds and blood is dripping down onto he floor. Twoslaves take it down and lie it down on a bed. They wash the wounds withclear water and dry them carefully. Then smear them with soothing aloecream. Next is the hemi-castration. The Skinner should perform this but hedoes not have much experience and I am asked to do it. The slave is strappeddown to the table and completely immobilized. I wash the whole of its groinarea with an iodine based antiseptic solution and drape sterile towelsaround. After donning sterile surgical gloves I pick up a sharp scalpel andmake an adequate sized incision in the right side of the sac. I free the orbdigitally and Preteen Nude Toplist find the artery. This I clamp, divide and tie. Next the vasthat carries the sperm and finally the veins and extraneous tissue. The ballcomes free in my hand. The slaves mouth is open and the ball is placedthere. Several skin sutures close the wound and a pressure dressingapplied. The whole procedure took less than five minutes. The slave is movedto a trolley and taken away. There was complete silence from the observingslaves throughout the procedure. The Whip comes forward and calls out yourname. You pale and break out in a sweat. Two burly slaves who have placedthemselves either side of you grab your arms and bring you forward. Theylie you down on the table and strap you down firmly. You look at me andplead with your eyes. Thoughts race through your head. What have you done tooffend me that I would want to castrate you? Surely not just lookingdisapprovingly. You are too shocked to cry out. A glowing brazier is wheelednear the table and from it Preteen Nude Toplist protrude three branding irons. This is cattlecountry and branding ones property is quite normal. The Brander approachesand draws one out and tests it for heat. Too hot and it will burn through tothe muscle; too cool and the brand will not be crisp and clear. He issatisfied and brings it over you. You stare wide eyed with panic in yourface. The iron descends and you smell your skin burning and you yell beforepassing out. The Brander is experienced and knows just how long to keep theiron in contact with your flesh to make a perfect mark. You are left with mycypher burned on your upper left chest. The ointment I used was Emla, asurface anaesthetic, as I wished to spare you some of the pain. You aremoved to another trolley and wheeled away to be tended by two slaves. Theyput antibiotic ointment into Preteen Nude Toplist the wound to prevent infection and carefullydress it. The Whip calls out for slave Chin and a slight young Chinese slaveis brought forward and the procedure repeated with its master's cypher butthis time on its left buttock. Finally it is slave Faisal's turn. It hashad the hair on its arm shaved because that interferes with the burning. Themasters all return to the main room for the final function of the evening;the auction of the five slaves. The bidding is brisk on the first two on theblock. They are both burly football player build. The new member bidsvigorously to be sure to get the one of his choice. Then it is Sean'sturn. He looks even younger and very vulnerable as he stands on the blockbefore the masters. The bidding is desultory. None seem to want this fineyoung man. They fail to see its potential. I feel embarrassed for it. I makea jump bid of $1,000 to try to stimulate the others. Unfortunately it hasthe opposite effect. When the other masters see this they think I have aspecial interest in this slave and all further bidding ceases. I am leftwith another Preteen Nude Toplist slave. What am I going to do with it? Besides any otherconsideration, I love you and I know you are intensely jealous of myattention. The other two slaves are auctioned off and the evening is over.The masters are reminded of the date of the next gathering and we allprepare to leave. As I make moves to go, the new master approaches me andasks for my forgiveness. I am taken aback by this as I do not know what hehas done to offend me. He explains that when he came from the councilchamber he took you from the Pleasure Pillar to his room and used you fororal gratification. He explains he did not realize that you were my slave. Iask if you satisfied him and he assured me that you were very good and deepthroated him and swallowed two loads. I re-assured him that there was nooffence committed as that was why you were there. Departure is done a few ata time so there is no obvious flood of cars along country roads that arenormally deserted. We do not wish to attract Preteen Nude Toplist any unwanted attention. AsDominus and the master with the furthest to travel, I leave first. I loadyou and Sean into the cage in the back. It is a tight fit but you willmanage. I am pleased to see that Sean is quite solicitous of your conditionand tries to give you most of the space. We arrive home and I send you bothto the kitchen for food and water. Then you know to go to your cage. Youhave to share the cage. First I lock a rubber penis prison Preteen Nude Toplist on Sean so thereis no sex play between you. I know you will not leave your cage again but Imake Sean put his wrists through the bars and cuff them together. I leavethe room and the light goes off and the door locks. I retire to my study toread a little and enjoy a beer in peace and quiet. It has been quite anevening. What am I going to do with Sean?
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